Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taking stock: 1/12/2016

Something I'd like to start up is a periodic round up of where I'm at, gaming and creative wise. So without further ado...

Minecraft: just after Christmas I started up a new single player survival mode. So far this has managed to dominate my spare time over the last few weeks. Minecraft will do that to me, just grab my attention and not let go for a bit. Currently, I'm living inside a forest with a chicken and wheat farm going. I just took the time out to hunt down some sugar cane and tame some cattle. I've also found some sheep and a pumpkin patch nearby, but haven't set up the farms yet, and I haven't bothered with a tree farm yet due to there being plenty of wood nearby. At some point soon I'll get to work on a house, but for now I've just been digging and building up stockpiles.

EvE: I had ventured back into highsec (ewwww....) in order to have some one on one training time with a newer player, but that never seemed to pan out. At some point soon I'll need to make my way back Thera for whatever highjinks are being planned for Signal's first birthday (note to self: get in empty head first this time), plus I need to update my blueprints. I'm about halfway through training the medium weapons to T2, whether or not I plan on actually using those anytime soon. I haven't given the Endurance a proper round of testing yet, but I have taken one out to a lowsec ice belt and at least tried it out.

Other games: Thanks to Christmas, I've got copies of Fallout 4, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, and Super Mario Maker lying around. Like I mentioned earlier, I've been distracted by Minecraft, and I've been plugging away with some pretty long work weeks at the day job. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to start these three games up soon, but for now they are tragically dormant. Such is gamer life.

Music: I decided to throw a few of my older songs together and put them on Bandcamp as an EP. I'm hoping to make releasing EP's a more regular thing, and at some point I've got a full fleged album to finish. As per usual, my own ADD has been getting the better of me. I'm seriously considering saving up for a Novation Launch Control XL as a compainion for my Launchpad Pro, and that has me also seriously considering just giving in and switching to Ableton. We'll see how that plays out.

Writing: it's been forever since I actually sat down to write some fiction, but I've got an outline for a halfway decent piece of sci fi in the works. I keep flipping it back and forth in my head over whether to make it EvE themed or not. Otherwise, I'm still kicking around an idea for a Twine that I've had for awhile. Besides that, not much happening in writer world. I need to fix that.

That should wrap that up. Later, taters.

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